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At Garden Chic, we offer you a great selection of Bio-Ethanol Fire Places and Wood Burning Stoves, perfect for heating rooms indoors and ideal for use in log cabins, summer houses etc.

Wood Burning Stoves - Recent increases in the prices of oil and gas, means wood is now very cost-effective to use. The Amesti NORDIC range has been available and developed for 27 years to ensure clean burning and efficient heating. A very sleek and stylish wood burning stove range which is available in 4 varied sizes to suit your living area. A brilliant investment for the environmentally and energy-price conscious consumer.

Our Bio-Ethanol Fire places are attractive, free standing modern fire places which have varying burner capacities and styles to suit your living area and style. Bio-ethanol is a man-made plant based alcohol (ethanol) produced by industrial distillation process, but treated so it is not fit for human consumption (denatured). Being made from plants it is a renewable resource and not a fossil fuel, and consequently is environmentally-friendly. bio-ethanol is completely clean burn. Only water and carbon dioxide are released by burning it. There are no noxious smokes or gases released, and there is no soot. This means that fireplaces using bio-ethanol do not require any special installation, flues or chimneys and can therefore be used immediately after purchase.

Lifestyle Signa Steel Fire Basket with BBQ Grill
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Lifestyle Harlin Firepit
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Lifestyle Prestige Large Round Firepit
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