About Us

Garden Chic is a Gudrum Website.

As a premier UK internet retailer, Gudrum believes that internet shopping is all about convenience. There are hundreds of places to shop online today, you'll find some Internet companies are good and some are ""less than reputable"".

The website you are now visiting is www.gardenchic.co.uk, which is owned by Gudrum Classics Limited, who, since 2002 have been a leading supplier of quality garden products to the UK market on the internet.

Shopping at Garden Chic gives you access to a wide range of the best outdoor and leisure brands at fantastic value. We want Garden Chic to be your first and last stop on the Internet when you are looking for the best and most exclusive garden & lifestyle equipment & accessories. You will save both time and money because all of our products, as well as being delivered direct to you, carry the Gudrum Fair Price Guarantee which is backed up by our price guard.

When we started Garden Chic, we decided that quality and personal service were the missing ingredient when shopping on-line. With the Garden Chic Top Service Guarantee, you can be certain that we will stand behind every product we sell. We have personal sales and customer service representatives at your fingertips 5 days a week 8.30am - 6.00pm and Weekend cover during busy periods.

You'll see a telephone phone number on every product page, along with full contact details in the Contact Us section where you can contact us and discuss your requirements.

As well as our products we can also provide you with advice and information on how to use the products, where and for what application they are appropriate for, and we guarantee that we will inform you at the earliest stage possible if we think our products are not appropriate for you for what ever reason. You won't find that too often on the Internet. At Garden Chic, we always try to give that personalised customer service, which we feel our customers deserve.

Fair prices, quality service and experience are the differences you'll find when you shop at Garden Chic.

Garden Chic is a Gudrum website. For corporate information on Gudrum please visit: www.gudrum.com