Covid and The Ukraine

Covid-19 and General Delivery Update:

Covid 19 is still impacting on much of our supplier side (written 16th-October 2021).  In the main our product is manufacturered either in Europe or the Far East and most product that is manufactured in the UK relies on components coming in from the Europe or the Far East.  Deliveries of all European products are beset by difficulties and delays caused generally by a combination of Covid and The Ukraine crisis.  The UK is very advanced with its vaccine programme meaning however that is not the case especially in Eastern Europe.  Many factories are simply having to close for two week periods when they get an outbreak of Covid.  Of course these closures are not predictable and they always have a knock on effect on deliveries.  We have also had instances of Drivers being taken ill with Covid whilst en-route to the UK.  This means that the truck simply stops until another driver can get to it.

Driver Shortage: The well documented driver shortage  is also affecting us and our deliveries.  We are scheduling deliveries with courier companies only to find that on the day, the courier company doesn't have a delivery driver to action the delivery.  Covid and its self-isolation rules are also affecting availability of drivers.

Ukraine Crisis:  Most of our timber products are either made in eastern Europe or use wood that is sourced by Eastern European factoires.  Historically much of the timber that is used in these factories has been sourced in Russia however owing to the Ukraine crisis our factories have chosen to try to source timber from alternative suppliers.  This is creating a pressure in the raw material market and is likely to result in price increases and longer leadtimes on deliveries as the summer progresses. 

Finally......THE GOOD NEWS! All of our deliveries are being made.  Your product will be delivered if you haven't already received it.  If you are one of the unlucky ones and your delivery is delayed, please accept our sincere apologies and be very sure that we are working VERY HARD to try to prevent delivery delays and where we cannot prevent them we are trying to reduce delays.

Unfortunately we are not able to give delivery schedule guidelines before an order is placed beyond the message on each product page and as per below. At the moment we are unable to offer any sort of express or expedited deliveries and the lead times shown on the product pages are what have been advised by the manufacturers and cannot be brought forward.

Due to the fact that many people all over the UK are spending more time at home than ever we have seen an increase in order volumes as people are striving to carry out home improvements and make the most of the space they have at home. As a result of this spike in order volumes and increased demand, we are seeing some delays in deliveries of certain items however please be assured that ALL ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED.

We would like to thank you very much for your continued support and for placing your business with us.  I can very much assure you that your order is our priority and we will work very hard to ensure that you receive your goods in a timely manner and that they are the quality that you would expect from Garden Chic.


Yours sincerely

Garden Chic Customer Service Team

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