Bark and Mulch

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  1. Biodegradable Mulch 60L
    Coco & Coir
    Biodegradable Mulch 60L
    Reduces Weed Growth by up to 90% | 100% Natural Peat-Free
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  2. Bark Chip 50L
    Harmony Gardens
    Bark Chip 50L
    Protects Plant Based | Recycled Wood
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  3. Coco Chip Coir Mulch 50L
    Coco & Coir
    Coco Chip Coir Mulch 50L
    Suppresses Weed Growth | Deters Slugs and Snails
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  4. Decorative Bark Bulk Bag
    Decorative Bark Bulk Bag
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Bark chippings offer a great way to decorate your garden flower beds and edging with a natural and maintenance free solution. Barks also have a number of natural benifits such as preventing weed growth and increasing soil nutrient levels which helps your plants grow and increasing their plant life.