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  1. Gravel board
    Gravel board
    From £17.99
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  2. Pick A Day Delivery Lightweight Concrete Gravel Board
    Forest Garden
    Lightweight Concrete Gravel Board
    RRP £37.99 Save £5.00
  3. Pick A Day Delivery Gravel Board 1.83m
    Forest Garden
    Gravel Board 1.83m
    To be Purchased with Panel/trellis
    RRP £19.99 Save £12.00
  4. Pick A Day Delivery Euro 'U' Fence and Gravel Board Bracket x 4
    Forest Garden
    Euro 'U' Fence and Gravel Board Bracket x 4
    Add on Item Only with Fencing Orders
    RRP £9.99 Save £6.50
  5. Rowlinson Gravel Board 1.8m
    Gravel Board 1.8m
    From £17.99
    RRP £21.99 Save £4.00
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Including gravel boards in your fence installation might be an added cost at first, but doing so increases the strength and lifespan of your structure and allows you to save money and time in the long run. Timber gravel boards provide a more natural look and are a standard part of panels or opt-in for concrete gravel boards that are almost indestructible.